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*2 PAYMENTS* Zamani2Sasa ATTENDING THE WOUND workshop with Bakhet Ma'aT Sat Ra

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Because the past never seems to stay where we left it, the Black daughter, who becomes the Black mother, must fortify herself against the historical, and continuing trauma of white-settler proximity, through her ancient and timeless identity as the cosmic, divine Black feminine principle of creation.

This return to the HER-IT-AGES (Kamene,2019) of a collective cosmic Black motherhood includes inventories, tools, and resources, that fosters the fearless self-honesty, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance, required to authentically begin our individual and collective healing process.

.Zamani2Sasa KCTR™, is based on ancestral African technology: the first thought idea of the first born people (Shock, 2019) that qualified;

  • perceptive
  • receptive
  • conceptive
  • and intuitive consciousness.

The Attending the Wound workshop, based on "The Black Mother Wound" book will provide you with a sustainable individual, and collective, practice to recover our highest vibration through the accurate reckoning of our divine Black feminine identity.

This practice includes a fearless, and honest, appraisal of character traits that define our:

  • Black Mother Wound
  • Spiritual assets & liabilities
  • Narrative beliefs about: motherhood, daughterhood, finances, family, health, sex, shame, guilt, regret, competition, criticism, desire, boundaries, race, sisterhood, and more. . .
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*2 PAYMENTS* Zamani2Sasa ATTENDING THE WOUND workshop with Bakhet Ma'aT Sat Ra

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